Bundesliga Watchlist: Alphonso Davies

Name: Alphonso Davies

Age: 19

Current Club: Bayern Munich

Previous Clubs: Vancouver Whitecaps


The Stats: Since being promoted from the Bayern Munich II team in October, Davies has gone on to make 21 appearances in the Bundesliga, 17 of them in the starting XI as he makes his breakthrough season. He originally joined as a winger, but has since transitioned into a quality right-back, looking strong on the ball, keeping 6 clean sheets and making on average 2.3 tackles per game.

Why Is He One To Watch?: I first heard of Alphonso Davies when he made his debut for Canada at just 16 years of age, making him the youngest player for the country in it’s history. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength; making the move to Europe, breaking into Bayern’s starting XI and making 17 appearances for his country. This, he has done all whilst still technically a teenager. The prospects this player has ahead of him are monumental and he could be a once in a generation player, should his development continue as it has.


Rumoured Transfers: Although he is looking like a huge talent in a position that many teams find it tough to fill, Davies has just signed a new contract at Bayern which will run until 2025, so naturally there are currently no rumours of an impending transfer. Manchester United were rumoured to be originally interested in him before he made the move to Germany, but he recently revealed that there was never really a case to be made for that.

Upcoming Opponents: Davies will next be seen in Bayern’s game against 1. Union Berlin on Sunday 17th May, where he will look to hit the ground running again after what must be a difficult distraction, being so young and so far away from home.

Following that match, Bayern will host Eintracht Frankfurt in a preview of the German Cup Semi Final, before the huge game away to Borussia Dortmund which will be crucial in deciding whether Davies can secure his first Bundesliga title this season.

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