Bundesliga Watchlist: Part 1: Jadon Sancho

Name: Jadon Sancho Age: 20 Current Club: Borussia Dortmund Previous Clubs: Manchester City and Watford The Stats: Sancho’s stats for this season are absolutely daunting, whilst he is having the season everyone was expecting from him. So far, he is third in the goal scoring table with 14 and second in the assists table with 15, meaning he has 29Continue reading “Bundesliga Watchlist: Part 1: Jadon Sancho”

Bundesliga Watchlist: Alphonso Davies

Name: Alphonso Davies Age: 19 Current Club: Bayern Munich Previous Clubs: Vancouver Whitecaps The Stats: Since being promoted from the Bayern Munich II team in October, Davies has gone on to make 21 appearances in the Bundesliga, 17 of them in the starting XI as he makes his breakthrough season. He originally joined as a winger, but has since transitionedContinue reading “Bundesliga Watchlist: Alphonso Davies”

Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck: The story behind one of the most important goals in Bayern Munich’s history

Bayern Munich reached unprecedented heights by winning three successive European Cups between 1974 and 1976. But it could’ve been very different had it not been for Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck!